About Boil Advisories

The PCMA is required by law to issue a boil-water advisory any time there is an occurrence of a water main break. An advisory does not mean that contamination has been found in the water; it is a precautionary measure that is standard procedure. The PCMA uses a banner across the Boil Water Alert signs that states "System Repairs" to indicate that no contamination has been found in the water and that the alert was called as a precaution. Water is routinely tested every day, more frequently in the event of main breaks. Many residents assume that a water main break occurs because of Municipal Authority activities. However, any incident resulting in a water main being damaged and exposed to surface contaminants, no matter who is at fault (independent contractor, plumber, etc.), is cause for issuing a boil advisory while repairs are being made. A boil water advisory cannot be lifted until water samples (taken in the area of the repair on two consecutive days) test negative for total coliform bacteria. Total coliform tests must be performed by a State Certified Lab.

During a boil water advisory:

Upon rescinding of a boil water advisory:

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